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“Why am I doing this?” or “What the hell is an ‘ArchiScriptor?'”

Hi! This is my new and shiny blog. I wanted to start this blog for a while. Why? Because.

First I want this blog to be a means of self-expression. I have a head full of ideas but have trouble communicating these ideas to the people around me. I do think that I can express myself much more coherently in writing than in speech, and that writing can help put my ideas into enough of an order than when/if I do want to talk about them with a specific person, they’re pretty much there, waiting. Sort of like a practice run. But also an editing exercise. Not just a means of self-expression, but a means of getting better at expressing myself as well; I want to become a better writer. I already keep journals and know well the benefits of writing out what’s going through my head, and since I noticed that this writing was starting to concern my topic of study – architecture – as opposed to simply my personal life, I wanted to try to share my thoughts. Which brings me to what this blog is not – it is not about my personal life. Although I love reading personal blogs the idea of putting my own life up for perfect strangers, or (worse) people who I know, to peruse at leisure is unwelcome to me. But where architecture and personal life meet, I will share those stories as anecdotes.

In terms of practicality, the blog offers categorization and easy reference back to earlier posts, through searching tags and phrases. No matter how many interesting ideas I may have, what use are they if they are hidden away in my many many notebooks? I can no longer remember what I wrote and it is not always so easy to go back and find something. The blog will be a database as well as a forum. Furthermore, my interest in architecture sometimes takes an inherently technological bent, and so I can write and illustrate a much more descriptive blog post about it than a journal entry.

The other great thing I’ve found about technologically-bent architecture is that people are already sharing their work, which makes it easier for others to build on that work and try their own thing. I’ve enjoyed the latter part of that relationship in my foray into the field, and I’d like to start contributing to the former. I think blogging has the potential to help build a community, and not only can I write about my own ideas but see what other people are thinking and saying. I hope it will expand my knowledge and help me create a network of people who are interested in similar things. Perhaps they already have their own blogs. Perhaps they can answer my questions. Perhaps I have answers to their questions.

I want the blog to help guide me in my architectural career, so that when I feel like I don’t know what I want with my life I can come back here and see what I’ve posted about and what still rings true. I think keeping tabs on the things you like is a key to following your heart as opposed to following a whim. I want to find the patterns in the things that resonate with me. In that way this blog is very much personal and all about self discovery, only that I won’t talk about my family or cats. (PS. I have cats.) In an immediate sense I hope it will help inform the topic of my Masters thesis in architecture (due to start in either 8 months or 1 year and 8 months). I don’t know what the topic is yet, but I want to take an organized approach to figuring it out.

So what the hell is an ArchiScriptor? The first part of the name comes from “archi” for “architecture.” For now I refer to architecture in the broadest sense of the word. I don’t know yet where it will take me. The second part of the name, “scriptor,” means “writer” in Latin in reference to working on my writing skills, but which also (to me) sounds something akin to a hacker name, a “scriptor” as someone involved in writing computer scripts (but not to actually hack anything in my case, only as a reference to the computer nerd side of myself).

This is getting long, but in the interest of establishing a basis for the blog, here is what I want to include: I want to include any experiments in parametric design that I conduct – including schoolwork – and what I learned from it; this may include the occasional lesson in mathematics. I also want to write more generally about the topic of parametric design itself, being a rather disputed method of design, and not a well-understood one (not even entirely by me which is another thing to work through). I want to include words and images that inspire me, preferably in a more abstract way and not a finished building. And I want to include anecdotes that touch on the balance of life and work, or even lack thereof. All of this is just a starting point of course. I’ll have to see how it evolves as I (re)learn about what I like.

The end. For now.