“Over the years I’ve seen numbers of fanciful plans proposed by architects which have yet to convince me there is any advantage to using tensegrity over other methods of design. Usually the philosophy is akin to turning an antique coffee-grinder into the base for a lamp: it’s there, so why not find a way to put it to some use. No, I see the richness of the floating compression principle to lie in the way I’ve used it from the beginning, for no other purpose than to unveil the exquisite beauty of structure itself. Consciously or unconsciously we respond to the many aspects of order in nature. For me, these studies in forces are a rich source for an art which celebrates the aesthetic of structure, of physical forces at work; force-diagrams in three-dimensional space, as I describe them.”
– Kenneth Snelson

The inventor of “tensegrity” structures was not Bucky Fuller. Fuller stole Snelson’s idea. See letter here: http://www.grunch.net/snelson/rmoto.html


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